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Its your CHANCE to win!

Whoohoo! I have a chance to win this cd! :)

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups


Finally! I've finally got a copy of mine! XD

I just received the item yesterday! And immediately opened it the minute I got it.
Until now, I'm still overwhelmed by it. Still amazed that I can't get over it.
Man! After the long search and waiting, at last! ----------->For the World album, finally I've got you!

I'm still calming down my nerves from yesterday's arrival. Haha! LULZ.
See? I don't even know now how to express my feeling. XD
RARE. Hard-to-find item. I found one. Bought it. And now, its in my hands. BRAND NEW! FULLY FURNISHED! 100% AUTHENTIC!
*dies* hahaha!!! I'm sooooo HAPPY!

--------> Next stop, concert goods!!! SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! 

mr. Unknown

This was not really part of my plans,
To fall in love and feel like damn,
If only I could have known,
So that I could have prevented it

Love is not something  you can control,
Yeah, that's what I know,
But only if I could do so,
So that this broken heart of mine can be redo.

Your not a perfect guy as they say so,
Nor a boy next door like I know,
But I've completely fallen for you.
And that's the only thing I know.

If only you could look at me and see it through,
That I'm not the girl you think you know,
We might have been friends for long,
But that doesn't mean you know me all along.

This poem is not for you to know,
Of how I loved you for four year long,
This is written for me and you to know,
That I've had it and I'm moving on.

I'm thru being a fool to you,
Smiling and laughing when your with her,
Saying I'm fine, I'm okay,
Man! Are you blind that you can't see?

Now I've accepted the truth heartily,
And slowly picking the broken pieces of me,
There's one thing I want to let you know,
I never regretted loving you back then, till now.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        -------------Opel E.

Damn Frineds

When everything and anything goes wrong,
Your always there to guide me along,
When I'm left out and felt unloved,
Your always there to cheer me up.

Things are great when I'm with you,
Like hell em ya' we don't care much.
We dream of porno stuff and crazy things,
And always end our day with hugs and kisses.

We'd run thru rain and go to malls with our empty wallets,
Strolling around with our stomachs empty.
Though we don't go shopping like rich kids do,
As long were together, there's nothing to lose.

Do meetings along church busy halls,
Listening and grooving to Kpop tunes.
Just love the things I do with you,
You, You, Only for you.

Life's much easier when I'm with you,
And hope this bond will continue.
More than words, More than sisters,
More than classmates, More friends we do.


Can't Wait!

At last, for about 2 months of drooling over and being mesmerize by its beauty and a month of saving up. Yes! I'm almost finish saving money for that darn thing.

My days of fasting from shopping and food are almost going to an end. XD
Before the month could end, I'll be able to complete my payment for my order. Curious eh? *laughs* Well, its one of the things I've really wanted to have, since 2010 came. Its a good investment, well, for me...its is.

It'll be a new add-on to my collection. My BIGBANG collection. Well, I don't think collection is a right term for it, since its my passion and my interest. Well, never mind.
Good thing my contact, agreed to reserve her last item for me. Such an angel. LOL. And also agrees that she'll send the item once I made the payment full. WooHoo!!! But too bad, cause I wanted to add to my reservation the For the World album. That HARD-TO-FIND item. But since, she put it up at a very expensive price. I guess,I'll be saving for it again!

I'll be waiting for the month to end, so I can send her the money. Also, Ikyang. A very dear friend of mine, also ordered an item but unfortunately, my contact didn't made easy and the same terms as mine. Since, it'll be her first time to order from my contact. She has to make a down payment first, half of the total price of her item. Phew! XD
To help her, since she's really a very dear friend to me. I decided that, my item and hers will be shipped together. To save for the shipment fee. Though I'll finish my payment first, I'll just wait for her to finish her payment will be next month. A lot of waiting, but its okay. What are friends are for? RIght? XD

Yeah! I forgot to mention what item did I ordered, well its the BIG SHOW DVD of BIGBANG.

A good investment eh? XD


Oooh!!! I really want to buy a For the World album of BIGBANG! XD

Its been months since I wanted to buy a For the World album, but sad to say I can't! Boo me! Yar!
Its a hard to find album now cause its been released for a long time. There are some sellers that I know, who are selling it! But their prices are just to expensive cause..yeah! Its a HARD to find or shall I say RARE album to find in music stores now!
I really want to have one!

Whose willing to trade their FOR THE WORLD album ((I hope its in a good condition and NO DAMAGE at all, or else I'll sue you. XD)) for my Mirotic Version A album of DBSK.
I bought it 2months ago. Its in a very good condition and NO DAMAGE at all. Well, it has a slight damage, but not the CD or the photobook. The right side of the album cover, its slight damaged but nothing to worry about.

if your interested pm me at my YM ((torta_tamis)) or leave a comment.
This TRADE is for Filipino's  only. Since I'm from Philippines. ^^

Hope you could help me!~

Nov. 28th, 2009

If you were to represent a color that best suits your personality, what color would it be? And why?

=Me? I would choose the color BLUE. My favorite color. Cause its very calming and cooling to see. It upholds the qualities of being calm and confident. I'm not really a person with self-confidence, but I could say that in my own ways I try to have confidence. And also, its a color that shows purity and peace. XD

~Comment now!


~Well, I hope that SUJU and BIGBANG fans would also get together and organize a t-shirt or hoodie designing contest for the fans. An international contest where we can share our creativeness. And the top 2 winners would win. And their designs would be printed out and distributed to everyone who wants to but the hoodie or t-shirts. Or any contest would do. As long that we could get together and bond. Cause we don't know maybe, our idols would be amazed and we don't know. Anything could happen.

---><3 We all love our idols. So, why not. If ever we decided to have any contests in LJ for SUJU DBSK ANG BB fans...we could decide together on what would be the rewards and share everything. LOL. I'm getting very serious about this. Well, nothings impossible. XD

Meet me

~Hi! I'm new to livejournal.*waves her hand* I just found out recently bout this site...and how many fans of SUJU, BIGBANG and DBSK are here. having chit-chats and all. Sharing ideas, opinions and everything. I wanted to share...also. XD I'm very overwhelmed, just reading your posts and critcs. Really, very....amazing. I hope I could get along with all of livejournals' avid users. ahehe...BTW I'm from Philippines.

~I also want to share...that I bought an album of BIGBANG (d BIGBANG Japanese album PRESS LIMITED EDITION) and I didn't get a free poster with it. And as I surf online shops like yesasia.com I saw on their description that this album comes with a poster. Does it rily comes with a poster?! *clueless*

*smiles* Hope we could be friends. If u read this, hope u can add me. and chat for sumtym. GOOD DAY!